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The York Cove Marina: Stay and
Enjoy Serenity on the Tamar River. 

Marina at The York Cove: Your Gateway to Coastal Norther Tasmania

The Marina at The York Cove in George Town, North Eastern Tasmania, is a haven for boating enthusiasts and travelers seeking a waterfront escape. Nestled on the banks of the serene Tamar River, our marina offers the perfect balance of convenience, comfort, and natural beauty.


1. Berth in Paradise

Our marina boasts 22 spacious berths, each equipped with power and water connections for your convenience. Whether you're cruising along the Tamar River or exploring the nearby Bass Strait, our berths provide safe and secure mooring for vessels of various sizes.

As you dock, you'll be greeted by the stunning views of the Tamar River and the surrounding countryside. The peaceful ambiance and the gentle sway of boats in the marina create an idyllic setting for a relaxing stay.


2. Amenities for Marina Guests

At The York Cove, we believe that comfort and convenience are paramount. That's why we offer a well-appointed amenities block exclusively for marina guests. Inside, you'll find separate male and female toilets, a laundry facility, and a shower. It's a sanctuary of cleanliness and relaxation, ensuring that your stay is as comfortable as possible.


3. Flexible Stays

Whether you're planning a short visit or seeking an annual mooring package, The York Cove Marina caters to your needs. Our flexible options allow you to tailor your stay to match your boating adventures. Whether it's a single night's rest or a long-term commitment, we're here to accommodate you.


4. Gateway to George Town

Beyond the marina, The York Cove offers a range of amenities and services to enhance your stay. Our waterfront hotel complex features comfortable accommodations, a restaurant serving delectable cuisine, and a venue for events and gatherings. George Town itself is a charming town with a rich maritime history, offering opportunities for exploration and relaxation.


Plan Your Marina Experience

The Marina at The York Cove provides a picturesque and welcoming base for exploring the treasures of North Eastern Tasmania. As you plan your visit, consider making The York Cove hotel complex your home away from home. Our convenient location and comfortable amenities make us the ideal choice for both marina guests and land-based travelers.

Embark on a maritime adventure and experience the tranquility of The York Cove Marina. Whether you're setting sail on the Tamar River or simply seeking a peaceful waterside retreat, our marina invites you to create lasting memories against the backdrop of Tasmania's coastal beauty.

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