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Environmentally Friendly


Our Mission

At York Cove Hotel, our vision is to emerge as a premier eco-friendly destination by 2026. By integrating renewable energy sources, implementing energy-efficient technologies, and practicing responsible waste management, we are dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint. We strive to inspire both guests and staff to actively participate in sustainability initiatives, fostering a shared commitment to a greener future for everyone associated with our hotel.

Our Packaging

At York Cove Hotel, all our packaging is now eco-friendly. This choice helps cut plastic waste, lessening harm to the environment. Biodegradable or compostable materials reduce the burden on landfills, contributing to a lower carbon footprint and decreased greenhouse gas emissions. Displaying these eco-friendly practices also inspires guests to adopt more sustainable habits, fostering a positive ripple effect for a greener future.

Takeaway Sandwiches

Reverse cycle heat pumps

At York Cove Hotel, we utilise our reverse cycle heat pumps in our restaurant, hotel rooms and gym, offering remarkable environmental advantages. These heat pumps are highly energy-efficient, consuming much less electricity than conventional heating methods, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With the ability to provide both heating and cooling, they represent a sustainable approach to climate control, contributing to a greener and more environmentally friendly solution for our hotel.


LED Lighting

At York Cove Hotel, nearly every light has been upgraded to energy-efficient LED lighting. LED lights offer substantial environmental advantages by consuming less electricity compared to traditional bulbs, leading to lower energy consumption and decreased greenhouse gas emissions. Their extended lifespan contributes to waste reduction and resource conservation, as fewer bulbs end up in landfills.


Eco-Friendly Chemicals

Experience a stay with us in our luxurious accommodation today and discover our new eco-friendly soaps and shampoos. Every room at York Cove Hotel is now equipped with environmentally conscious toiletries. Opting for eco-friendly chemicals in our soaps and shampoos provides numerous environmental benefits. Formulated to be biodegradable and non-toxic, these products minimize potential harm to ecosystems and aquatic life. Choosing these eco-friendly alternatives allows us to reduce water and soil pollution, fostering a healthier and more sustainable environment for all.

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